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Join the UK's largest trade federation for Fishmongers. We are the official body helping to protect the interests of Fishmongers and their businesses

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National Federation of Fishmongers

The National Federation of Fishmongers (NFF) is the official, recognised voice of the retail fish trade. Run by fishmongers, for fishmongers, we are here to support our historic and valuable industry.

NFF President – Mr Rex Goldsmith

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Vice President

I’m really excited for the next few years, we have so much going on to make a real difference to our industry

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Fishmonger of the Year Awards

Read all about the British Fishmonger of the Year Award

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Fishmongers’ & Poulterers
Charitable Institution

Since its foundation in 1835, the Fishmongers’ & Poulterers’ Charitable Institution has been dedicated to the alleviation of hardship among members of its namesake trades, giving assistance to people who have worked in the two namesake trades and found themselves struggling financially.

Help is given through the discretionary awarding of grants with Trustees considering each case on its merits. Recently they have helped applicants buy mobility scooters, adapt their homes to make them more disability-friendly, or provide a respite holiday for a long-term carer. They only have limited funds so will often make grants in collaboration with other charities to reach a larger total.

For further information, or to apply for a grant, visit:

Fishermans Mission

The Fishermen's Mission offer a dedicated lifeline to fishermen and their families.

If you need us, call us. Lifeline. Join our mission. Join our family of donors, volunteers and staff. Become part of the only charity that supports fishermen and their families.

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